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A Gift card is a card that will allow your customer to make a purchase in your store, of a previously fixed (programmed) amount.

In the US, Japan and Australia gift cards are already a big success. Almost every retailer in the US, whether they own 1 shop or a chain of stores all over the country, they issue gift cards to their customers.

Just think about all those customers looking for a gift who aren’t able to find something they like and finally decide to purchase nothing, or worse buy a gift card at the store next door. Wouldn’t it be great if you’d be able to offer this customer a gift card of your own? A gift card with a photo of your store, your logo, address etc. A card you can design yourself (design your own card)! And of course you can also have CardImpulz design your cards. CardImpulz now also offers you the opportunity to offer bio plastic gift cards, plastic cards made of corn (PLA). There are a lot less damaging for the environment and show that your company cares for the environment.

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Typical Gift card options:

Gift card Accessories

The CardImpulz card Stand
The special transparent CardImpulz gift card stand is the perfect way to promote your gift cards. Please contact our sales department for more information sales@cardimpulz.com.

The CardImpulz Gift card Envelope and/or carriers
A beautiful tailor-made colorful envelope to match your gift cards, on which you, or your client can write a personal message.

CardImpulz can offer envelopes and carriers for:

  1. Birthdays
  2. Anniversaries
  3. Christmas
  4. Diplomas
  5. Just because….

Of course you can also have CardImpulz print a customized envelope or carrier. Please contact our sales department for more information (sales@cardimpulz.com).

CardImpulz is the Professional card printer for your giftcards!