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Scratch ‘n Win Cards

CardImpulz is a professional supplier for all sorts of scratch cards, and one of these is the scratch ‘n win lottery card. Nowadays scratch ‘n win cards are probably one of the most popular items in the gaming industry, so why not as a company benefit of this popularity by ordering your own CardImpulz scratch ‘n win cards today?

Ask yourself, who doesn’t like to win prices?

With the CardImpulz scratch ‘n win cards you will have the perfect tool to promote your event, company or raise money for an event.

With the CardImpulz scratch ‘n win cards you:

  • Have a new and original tool to increase your sales
  • Promote your special events
  • Promote your seminars and shows
  • Promote your social and sporting events
  • Promote a fund raising
  • Promote your products or company.

CardImpulz can offer the paper scratch ‘n win cards in different sizes and weight, our sales team is available to assist you with any customized scratch ‘n win card project you might have. Please contact us on sales@cardimpulz.com

Standard specifications for the CardImpulz scratch ‘n win cards are:

Size: from 90 by 45mm to max A5 size

Thickness/weight: 250GSM is recommended

Printing: Any type of printing, please refer to our artwork specifications for more info.

Standard is full gloss print on front together with scratch off and 1 color (black) on the back of the card.

Scratch off: Standard we offer grey, however CardImpulz is also able to offer print in black or any other color on the scratch label.

Customization: CardImpulz can offer any type of printing, any size/type of scratch off and several types of personalization.


Please contact our sales department for more information on our scratch ‘n win cards. (sales@cardimpulz.com)